an open letter to the medical community

Dear medical community of doctors, nurses and medical providers:
I’d like to take the next few minutes and talk about several problems I see as a patient. Modern medicine has changed the way we live and handle our health, technology has made the job of doctors and nurses easier. I see the medical staff becoming too reliant on the results of machines to diagnose a problem.
The attitudes of doctors and nurses towards patients in the ER is down right sickening, we’re treated as if we’re taking up time and resources with no concern for our mental or physical comfort. The thought is just throw pills at the problem and hope it goes away long enough so we can discharge this patient. The fact I’m on the floor curled up in pain trying not to blackout doesn’t mean anything to doctors who think I’m lying.
You treat those with cancer with very little compassion and when it is an inconvenience you allow them to suffer in pain and starve from lack of appetite. We are human beings undergoing challenges most people will never face in their life time.
You make decisions that have long term consequences that you don’t have to deal with but we will be forced to endure without help. When we ask for help we’re burden with your policies and rules that prevent us from becoming healthy or comfortable within our own bodies. We can only do so much before we feel invisible losing our voices because you cave under the pressure of money and insurance.
You spend very little time with us as an individual and our cases become daily background noise and you make decisions about our lives. How often do we see deaths because of doctors mixing up medications or prescribing the wrong dose. Thirty minutes a month isn’t enough time for you to see how our lives truly are impacted by our diseases and illnesses.
If you’re an opiate user you become judged and forced into a category of abuser or at risk of overdose. We are told not to worry that pain killers will help control our severe pain but when the doctor feels uncomfortable the pills are made out to be horrible.
Cannabis users are seen as punks off the street and we’re unable to get access to our medicines when we really need them to stay healthy. Insurance companies refuse to see cannabis as a real medicine and won’t help pay for our required medical cannabis which we have a prescription for.
I urge you to take time and really listen to those of us who have chronic pain, severe illnesses and cancer, understand what kind of life we live before making decisions we have to live through. Stand by us as our doctors and fight for our quality of life.

Zackery Hurtz