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the battle against cancer is hard fought with a smile on your face and good friends and family at your side each day.
Hello and welcome to the Cancer Warrior Seminars. Cancer warrior is a common term used to describe people who are diagnosed with cancer. The goal of CWS is to offer information and support groups for anyone battling cancer, supporting those who are diagnosed with cancer and friends and family who aren’t sure what to expect. Cancer is a negative word in our language and this negativity invites more fear and weakness without even lifting a finger, the goal of The Cancer Warrior Seminars is to show you cancer doesn’t need to be terrifying.
Please understand that I don’t have a magic cure I’m sharing my experiences and giving all of us a safe place to find comfort in the community.
So why am I qualified to put this group together and why am I putting my personal experience into the public’s view? My name is Zack and at a month old I was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma (cancer of the eyes), the cancer quickly spread and the next two years I fought for my life with the help of family, doctors and science. At the age of two I had lost both eyes but the cancer had been stopped but at what cost? The radiation I received as an infant would come back and start another round with cancer at age six.
The second round of cancer was the worst in my opinion, I was six years old and fully aware something major was wrong. They gave me 3 months to live and chemo was started ASAP. A year later and several surgeries later I was given the clean bill of health. That would last until age twelve when small tumors started popping up and presenting as false positives for cancer. In the end I’ve had at least thirty or more surgeries, I’ve lost both my eyes and I walk through life with chronic nerve pain and nerve damage.
My goal is to show others that it isn’t all sadness and suffering and that you can live strong enough to enjoy life. Terminal diagnosis are real and can be terrifying, I had a false positive terminal diagnosis at age twenty and it put my life on hold, I’ve lost my Grandmother and Grandfather to lung cancer and would like to help those who are friends and family of fallen warriors.
We are here to help each other and to support those who are just starting down the path of cancer at stage one or if you’re at stage four we’re here and welcome you to the community.
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Author: Zack

Twenty-six year Survivor of Retinoblastoma. I lost my sight as a result and have had second generation cancer and multiple tumors. I put tCWS together to help all warriors fighting cancer.

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